One Day in Cebu with Haley Dasovich

A Fun Day In Cebu with Haley Dasovich

One Day in Cebu with Haley Dasovich

One Day in Cebu with Haley Dasovich

We start this weeks posting with another wonderful video by the beautiful Haley Dasovich.  For those who haven’t met her yet, she’s the sister of Wil Dasovich who is another YouTuber showcasing the beautiful Philippines. This was posted some time ago, but we didn’t have it on our site yet so guys and gals please support by her channel and hitting that subscribe button.

Today, we embark on a trip around the Philippines to shoot an episode for Erwan Heussaff’s travel and food show, Overnight, filmed by @Seabiscuitfilms crew (Sari Cruz and Nicky Daez). Wil Dasovich and I tag along as the Daso Duo vlogsquad, eating the local cuisines and roadtripping around the local spots, from Cebu to Siargao.

Haley Dasovich went with a few friends on this trip.  Be sure to check their channels out starting with @Seabiscuitfilms on instagram!

Find Haley Dasovich on:
instagram: @haleydaso
twitter: @haleydaso

Haley Dasovich takes you around Cebu for one day featuring Erwan Heussaff and Wil Dasovich

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Haley Dasovich would like to credit the Music she used:

Wannabe by the Spice Girls

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One Day in Cebu with Haley Dasovich

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I know personally that creating a YouTube Video is very hard to do and the siblings Haley Dasovich and Wil Dasovich are doing an amazing job!

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