Shaw Communications Inc launches FreeRange TV app at CES 2016

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Just when I was seriously considering cutting my Cable Bill, Shaw came up with an ingenious way to keep me tied to my current package with them.  They have developed this app now called “Shaw Free Range TV

Shaw's Free Range TV

Shaw communication Inc. launched a new mobile TV app showcasing the latest in the series of moves by the cable company to  diversify it’s business and attract new consumers to either stay with them.  Quite a few consumers now are now cutting the cord and opting for Internet Based- Services such as Netflix, Shomi and Crave.

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Shaw was the odd one out among Canada’s bi
BOPOg telecom providers, focusing on Cable TV and Internet while competitors added nationwide wireless networks and diversified into content and business services.

The Calgary based company has changed course in the recent years, building a broad Wi-Fi network across Alberta and British Columbia, buying companies like ViaWest in 2004 and just recently has announced its plan to buy the upstart wireless carrier Wind Mobile.

The COO, Jay Mahr says Shaw is looking to be more relevant in the next 10 years than it is today, and its new cloud-based FreenRange TV mobile app is a key part of moving towards a future where content is accessible anywhere.

“We want to deliver a ubiquitous network,” he said. “We want to provide our customers with whatever services they want in the way that they want.”

FreeRangeTV, which is free for Shaw’s 2.6 million cable TV and video subscribers, is built on a platform licensed from Comcast Corp. that allows users to watch all of the channels in their package live, as well as stream and download on-demand content from Shaw’s library.

Shaw has already partnered with Rogers Communications on Shomi, a streaming app that includes a large library of movies and TV shows but does not include live channels.

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While FreeRangeTV is debuting first on mobile, Mehr said the plan is to bring it to set-top boxes and provide access via the web by the end of the year.

“The most customers use our network the more value it has, and anything that adds richness to the way our customers use our network is in both our customers’ and our interests,” he said.

Shaw has been loosing TV customers, and in 2015, they lost their crown as the biggest TV provider in Canada when Bell surpassed its total subscriber count.

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The company said in it’s most recent annual report that they lost almost 140,000 residential cable and satellite TV subscribers  while on August 31st they added 12,500 Internet Subscribers.

So have you given it a try yet? I loved it… you should give it a try too.  Did it give you second thoughts in cutting your Cable TV subscription?

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