Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

I have been stuck pretty much still with the old Samsung S4 and have been contemplating on getting a new phone.  But do you really think it is necessary to do so?

Most of the phones I have used in the past never lived passed it’s 5 year old mark, plus the whole it has burned into my pocket and yours.  And most of the times you will come to realized that it is something that you will rarely use.  The combination of my wife’s phone bill & mine comes to about $160+ / month which technically is just a waste of money.  How about you?  are you on board with the new Samsung Galaxy s6?

So at the moment it is way to early to give the phone a verdict but based on what I’ve seen so far online.  This is what we are looking forward to


  • Great design
  • Super sharp screen
  • Fast camera with good low light


  • TouchWiz still too cartoony
  • Likely to be expensive
  • Battery smaller

At the point in time, I would give it a chance.  We don’t really have a choice now do we.

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