I’m The One (PARODY) Ft. Justen Bieber & Future

I'm The One Parody

I’m The One (PARODY) Ft. Justen Bieber & Future

I’m The One (PARODY) Ft. Justen Bieber & Future

Found this interesting Parody of I’m The One & The Shape of U (below).

▶Shape Of U (PARODY): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6bKvoOSEds

Come Chill wit YA BOI!
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▶RANDOMGUYS: http://www.youtube.com/ranDOMINICshow

Make sure y’all check out the homie, Andy Lange, the one that Produced all the tracks!!

Shout out to Ryanimay Conferido For Co-writting the Lyrics w/Me!

The Teen Girls were from the AMAZING LAB Creative Arts Studio http://ift.tt/2wdQNcO

▶King Guttah “Future” http://ift.tt/2sa1FpD
▶Megan Batoon http://www.youtube.com/meganbatoon
▶Lea Marie http://ift.tt/2wdyRyS
▶Sayda http://ift.tt/2tHghxu

via YouTube https://youtu.be/WJHQ2lW6JZU

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I’m The One (PARODY) Ft. Justen Bieber & Future


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