Filipino Girl Tries to Vlog – Haley Dasovich

Haley Dasovich - Filipino Girl Tries To Vlog

Filipino Girl Tries to Vlog – Haley Dasovich

Filipino Girl Tries to Vlog – Haley Dasovich

So Haley Dasovich has been Vlogging for a while now, but did you know that this was the very first video she posted on her Youtube Channel?   It still looks very well placed and professionally done.  So if you are interested in the Philippines and what they have to offer, may I suggest following Haley Dasovich the sister of Wil Dasovich another already popular Youtuber from the Philippines.  At the time of this posting she has exactly 42,800 Subscribers following her which was only a short time ago as this first video was posted 29th May 2016.   You will noticed that from this humble begining, she will showcase the beautiful country of the Philippines just like her brother.

Always remember though that Haley Dasovich always tries to showcase something different because since the brother is Vlogging as well, there would be no point in Vlogging exactly the same thing.  And she will repeat that a few times whenever she is with her Brother so that she can deliver a point that there would be a reason to watch her video vs just watching her brothers.

Haley Dasovich can be found on several Social Media Platforms:
instagram: @haleydaso
twitter: @haleydaso

Filipino Girl Tries to Vlog – Haley Dasovich

YouTube for Beginners - Haley Dasovich
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I discovered Wil Dasovich some time ago just going through a couple of videos of the Philippines because that was where I grew up basically before moving to Canada and finally settling here in Edmonton Alberta Canada.   Then we noticed that his sister Haley finally got convinced into Vlogging to so we here at Dot To Life decided to support her channel by always including her on our daily DTL Blitz.

So if you are a fan of Haley please don’t hesitate to subscribe to her channel or at the very least go to her channel give her a thumbs up and drop her a comment.  Haley Dasovich is doing amazing and we hope she can go a long way on this adventure.

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