DJI Osmo Mobile Hands-on Review

DJI Osmo Mobile Hands On Review

DJI Osmo Mobile Hands-on Review

DJI Osmo Mobile Hands-on Review

Published on 12 Oct 2016

The DRTV crew become skateboarding hooligans with the DJI Osmo Mobile ( and Feiyu SPG Live (
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Kai, Lok, Warren, and Ian are still in Cologne, somehow. Or this is just an old video. Anyway, we test out the iPhone 7 and see whether or not the DJI Osmo Mobile is a better bargain than an ordinary gimbal. And we got some boards to make the ride as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

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Main Features:
Capture Stabilized Handheld Footage
Give Videos Polished, Professional Feel
Works with DJI GO App
Create Time-Lapses and Panoramas
Live Stream and Upload Your Adventures
Mounting Accessories Available

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DJI Osmo Mobile Hands-on Review

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