Controversial Truth of the Existence of Jesus

Real Proof of Jesus

Found this document on YouTube which is proof which I believe is controversial enough to share.  You can now create your own conclusion to this but you shouldn’t be blind to.    These coincidence should be enough for you to start asking questions about the reality of your belief on Jesus Christ.  The goal is simply for you to start asking questions about how we have been blinded to follow our faith regardless of what it is around the world.   There are so many more articles around the web stating this and there.  For example have you ever thought to consider that the bible wasn’t really talking about the Son of God, but misinterpreted as God’s Sun “The light of the world”.

Horus the Egypt Sun God
Egypt – 3000 BC

Our controversial category is design to collect stories around the internet that can help open your mind on certain topics that we again have been blind to.

Here are similar Gods in the past that deserves your time and research.  Horus meaning light has an enemy named Set, meaning dark.

Summarized Details on Horus

  • Born on December 25th
  • Born of a the Virgin Isis (hint hint – Mary)
  • Birth accompanied by a Star on the East.
  • Adored by 3 Kings
  • Horus mother was Meri
  • Teacher at the age of 12
  • Baptized by Anup the Baptizer
  • Horus was born in Anu (“the place of bread”) and Jesus was born in Bethlehem (“the house of bread”)
  • Horus is known as KRST, the anointed one.  Jesus was known as the Christ which means anointed one.
  • Both had their resurrection announced by women.
  • Horus was resurrected in 3 days.  Jesus was sent to Hell and came back  3 days later.
  • Horus was crucified also next to two thieves.
  • Horus was buried in a tomb.
  • He also has 12 disciples
  • He was betrayed by Typhon


Attis – Greece – 1200 BC

  • Born of the Virgin
  • Born on December 25th
  • Crufied
  • Dead for 3 days
  • Resurrected

Krishna – India – 900 BC

  • Born of a Virgin
  • Star in the East
  • Performed Miracles
  • Resurrected



Dionysus – Greece – 500 BC

  • Born of a Virgin
  • Born on December 25th
  • Performed Miracles
  • Referred to as King of Kings
  • Referred to as Alpha and Omega
  • Resurrected


Mithra – Persia – 1200 BC

  • Born of a Virgin
  • Born on December 25th
  • 12 Disciples
  • Performed Miracles
  • Dead for 3 days and you guessed it Resurrected
  • Referred to as the truth and the light
  • Mithra’s worship day was Sunday



Our most recent iteration of this story was Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

  •  Born of a Virgin
  • Born on December 25th
  • Star in the East
  • 12 Disciples
  • Performed Miracles
  • Dead for 3 days and resurrected


The birth sequence was completely astrological. – Take Note

  • Born of a Virgin
  • Born on December 25th
  • Star In The East  — “Sirius” The Star in the East
    • On December 24th aligns with the three brightest stars (known today as the Orion’s Belt) which back then was known as the “Three Kings”
  • Birth of God’s Sun at the Winter Solstice
    • This is why the three kings follow the star in the east to God’s Sun or now mistakenly as the Son of God in order to locate the Sun Rise, or the Birth of the Son.
  • The Virgin Mary is the Constellation Virgo also know as Virgo the Virgin, it was also referred to as the House of Bread.
  • Bethlehem = House of Bread
  • The Son during it’s rotation around the solar system seemingly stops moving for 3 days. during this time the son lies near the Southern Cross (Crux – Constellation )
  • December 25th the Sun moves 1 degree to the North.
  • Hence the Son died on the cross died on cross and resurrected after three days only to be born again.

This is why Jesus  and several other Sun Gods share the same story.  However they did not celebrate the resurrection of Suns, until the Spring Equinox or Easter.

So what do you think? Is Jesus Christ Real? Is the Son of God really there? or is he just the latest iteration of a story that has been retold over and over again.  Why is that when there is a situation you require proof before you believe in something… but when it comes to God and Jesus Christ you turn a blind eye.  Just open your heart and mind & ask…



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