10 Biblical Miracles Explained By Science

10 Biblical Miracles That Can Be Explained By Science

10 Biblical Miracles Explained By Science

I have never questioned the faith of a person when it comes to someone’s religion.  Your beliefs are your own.  But when things like this pass you by,  you have to start to think the validity of that faith.  At this point in time, I only question the fighting the arguments and the killings of a rebel religion for something that makes absolutely no sense.

A few points of interest here

  1.  The parting of the sea could have been caused by a natural phenomenon called “Wind Set Down”.  This type of wind is strong enough to push back the sea that would reveal a dry part of land enabling people to walk through safely.
  2. Physicist Colin Humphreys of Cambridge University speculates that the bush most likely an acacia bush happened to be growing over a volcanic vent, which caused it to burst into flames due to escaping heat.  Psychology professor Benny Shanon believes that the voice of God heard by Moses was a the result of him taking a local hallucinogenic substance.  It would have been derived from from the leaves of the ayahuasca plant, found in the location that the story took place.
  3. Egypts 10 Plagues has now been proven by science.
    1. River Nile urning into blood could have been caused by the Burgundy Blood Algae.
    2. This in turn would have attracted the frogs lice and flies.  When stressed tadpoles develop into frogs faster and as the frog died, the insects would have flourished.
    3. Insect carried diseases which could have caused diseased livestock and boils.
    4. The final plagues could be due to one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in human history which occurred 3,500 years ago, bringing hail and locusts to Egypt.
  4. A fungus that poisoned grain supplies could have caused the death of the first born of Egypt.
  5. Genesis Flood, God creates a huge flood to wipe out human corruption by making the Earth rain for 40 days and 40 nights. As recently as 10,000 BC most of the modern world was hidden under a layer of Ice.  A few thousand years later, the planet warmed up. Sea levels began to rise in 5000 BC and the Mediterranean Sea Rose high enough to flood everything. According to scientists behind this theory the water would have rushed in at 200 times the force of Niagra Falls.  This would have submerges around 150,000 square kilometers (58,000 sq mi) of land, killing thousands of people.
  6. The Healing : Jesus was known for his miracles, which healed the sick.  He cured fevers, arthritis, epilepsy and even restored a man’s ability to walk.  It is entirely possible that Jesus’ healings could have been down to a placebo, or psychosomatic effects.  In 2015 scientists managed to make a 26 year old paralyzed man walk for the first time in five years.  Neurologist essential tricked his brain into thinking he could use his legs.
  7. The Dead Rising :  The bible lists ten separate occasions when God bought people back to life. However, it is extremely likely that the people were never dead in the first place, and rather they had been presumed dead due to lack of scientific knowledge.  Researcher William Tebb found that in the 17th century there were 209 instances of narrow escapes from premature burial.  There were also 149 cases of actual premature burial. 10 cases in which bodies were accidentally dissected before death, and two cases in which embalming was started on the not-yet dead.
  8. Jesus Walking on Water : One of the most recognizable miracles from the bible is Jesus walking on water. Partially submerged ice patches, known as springs ice, could be the cause of Jesus miracle.  The thick, transparent ice forms when salty springs flow into a freshwater lake, preventing the lake from freezing entirely.  These conditions perfectly describe the Sea of Galilee at the time of the Miracle.

These are just a few things that I found out that raised the question about what it says on the bible which you should try to discover for yourself.

If you wish to continue studying more about the clashes between science and religion there are few titles that you can, in order to further your study.  Keep an open mind and be enlightened with your journey.

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