$1.6B Powerball Lottery Winning Tickets Sold


YouTube Video by DomisLive News.

They had to put a hand written sign saying 1.5 Billion because the digit counter doesn’t read that high. The jackpot, the largest ever payout in North American History, will be split three ways after three winnings tickets were sold in three different states

Original News Reference through CBC.CA.

So where you one of the three ticket holders that won? I’m here in Canada, and I purchased it through a third party lottery agent that is online (CongaLotto) and the system didn’t say that we won.  I guess if that ever has happened again, we would consider driving down to the US to make the purchase.  It would have been well worth that trip.

The three lucky ticket holders did not immediately identify themselves on Thursday, but they bought their tickets in Manford, a town of about 6,000 in Tennessee; the modest Lost Angeles suburb of Chino Hills; and at Supermarket in Melbourne Beach, Flo.  where residents of a nearby housing development were heard partying loudly after Wednesday night’s drawing.

So remember the odds of winning the lottery would be 1 in 292.2 million to land on the numbers drawn Wednesday night:

Numbers are as follows :

4 – 8 – 19 – 27 – 34 – and the Powerball is 10

So what would have you done, personally if you won this lottery, would you take out the whole sum at once, or would you collect the payments over 30 annual payments totaling an estimated of $533 million US, or split $983.5 million US in cash all at once.

7 Eleven Clerk m. Faroqui became an instant celebrity.

Some customers took selfies with the store clerk on duty, who became an instant celebrity and may well have been the man who sold the ticket.

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He states, “I’m very proud that the ticket was sold here,” the clerk, M. Faroqui told the Sun.

In Melbourne Beach, rumors has it that the other winner might be someone in the housing development several  miles from the Publix, as loud partying could be heard after Wednesdays Night’s Drawing.

The estimated jackpot amounts had risen steadily since November 4th when it was reset at $40 million US.  Texas Lottery executive director Gary Grief has said this Powerball offered “absolutely” the world’s biggest jackpot.

Honestly, I would have loved it for a Canadian to win this prize money.  But I guess it’s a dream for next time.

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